Chicago Hospital Continues HIV Program

Avocat Trinity Hospital Chicago continues program offering costs non HIV tests orally for patients awaiting considered in service emergency Chicago Sun Times. The hospital launched the program in May 2008 with a grant of $ 150,000 and CDC has received an additional $ 180,000 this year to continue the program.

According to the Sun-Times, Trinity offers the program to all ED patients aged 14 and 64. Among the patients in the proposed test, less than 20% decline to consider, Donna Sinclair, Coordinator for HIV at the hospital ED, said. Health workers to administer the tests in a private space, and patients receive results in 20 minutes. Over 5000 took precedence cost tests since inception. But data number Result positive are unavailable Sun-Times.

According Sun-Times Trinité efforts s’inscrivent under a Program exceptional encouraging more people take HIV tests. “We did not wait for patients to come to us,” Sinclair said, adding that Trinity “health educators go to each patient in need of treatment and provide a wealth of information - how the virus spreads, who is at risk, they need to know about the test. “According to Andrea Poicus, spokesman for the Trinity, the hospital has received funds for the program because it is located in an area with high HIV prevalence. In addition, most patients are black Trinity, which is a group that was disproportionately affected by HIV / AIDS this!

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